Graham Contractors LogoGraham Contractors incorporated in 1976 and initially concentrated exclusively on slurry seal work for public agencies. At that time, Graham Contractors worked with a few used pick-ups and slurry seal machines from a rented yard in Santa Clara, California.

After a successful start, Graham Contractors moved its headquarters to its current location in San Jose, California. Shortly thereafter, Graham Contractors purchased a small fleet of equipment and diversified into the chip seal and seal coat businesses.

In the 1980s, Graham Contractors expanded into the commercial, industrial and property management markets. The 1990s saw Graham Contractors serving its customers with the most complete line of asphalt maintenance products available.

Currently, Graham Contractors services a wide variety of public agencies, contractors, homeowner’s associations, mobile home park owners and property managers. Graham Contractors’ state-of-the-art equipment can be seen servicing the asphalt maintenance needs of clients from Eureka to San Diego, and from San Francisco to Winnemucca, Nevada.

For over 40 years, Graham Contractors has been providing clients with the best and most complete asphalt maintenance service available. Whether the project is an interstate highway or a commercial parking lot, clients know that they are getting quality and accountability every time they do business with Graham Contractors.

Graham Contractors, Inc. is located at 860 Lonus St., San Jose, CA 95126. Click here to contact us.

California contractor’s license number 315789 C-12.